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What if we told you that ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and other learning disorders are curable? Check out this PBS presentation to see how Learning Technics Inc. developed a program that dramatically improves the lives of those diagnosed with learning disabilities once thought to be permanent.

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6 Months Can Change your Child’s Life Forever.

Commit to your child’s future. In only 6 months, your child can gain 2 years worth of cognitive functioning. IQ Express addresses the problem, not the symptom. This means that the ground your child gains is permanent. A brighter future starts today.

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20% of Children have a Learning Disability.

Tutoring not working? Tired of endless repetition? Learning disabilities do not have to be a lifelong burden. If your child is underperforming in school, hiring a tutor is just giving them more of the same. Chances are that there is a fundamental developmental lack in your child’s brain connections. We can mend that lack, and once we do, everything else will fall into place.

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Talk with experts on the cutting edge of education research and results. Our experienced staff can easily explain what is at the root of your child’s (or your) learning disability, diagnosed or not. There is an answer.

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How it works

Your child is bright, so why can’t they learn? You know what doesn’t work; let us show you what does. IQ Express utilizes exercises that bulk up the wiring in the brain, enabling your child to function normally in subjects they previously struggled with.

How IQ Express Works

Pricing & Features

See how our flexible payment terms meet your needs.

Pricing and Features

Learning Disabilities

You’ve been trained to think that learning disabilities cannot be overcome; that they can only be mitigated by medication, allayed with endless repetition, or simply surrendered to. In truth, they can be corrected. Let IQ Express show you how.

Different types of Learning Disabilities
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